Monday, October 17, 2011

Networking and Connections in Vienna

Life everywhere requires a network.  Having friends is useful.  When you don't have those, it's good to ask colleagues for recommendations...

Living abroad thus far has required the following:
  1. Translators for official (stamp and sign) translations of important documents 
  2. Hair stylists - for looking HOT!  

This post will be updated from time to time with the names of useful connections with whom we have been satisfied with their work and therefore recommend.

1. Dr. Harald Lacom - We were told he charged 20 Euros/page for translations of 5 pages of documents

2.  we received this woman's name from some Canadian friends and she charged 30 Euros/page
Dipl. Dolm. Liese Katschinka

Dr. Heinrich Maierstrasse 9

A-1180 Wien, Österreich

Tel./Fax: +43 1 440 36 07 / +43 1 470 98  19

Hair Stylists:

I got my hair cut by Elizabeth (
She speaks excellent English and was very friendly and energetic.  More importantly, she did a nice job on my hair so I plan to go back.

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