Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An abrupt end?

Dear readers,

In the summer of 2013, after having lived in Vienna for two years, we returned to our native land.
Therefore, there will be no further posts on this blog.

One final thought:

If you are feeling a bit dissatisfied in life, perhaps your job is boring, perhaps you're living in a crime ridden city suffering from urban blight, perhaps you just wanna do something new- shake up your life a little, something to consider:

It is only when we leap across the hedge to the greener pastures beyond that we have time to contemplate or appreciate what we left behind.



  1. i found your blog yesterday and it has proved to be a great resource for me, as an american planning a move to vienna come september. it's been very interesting reading about your experience over the past two years as well. if you're available for it, it would be great to exchange a few emails about living in vienna. if not, no problem. thanks for the great blog!


  2. Jacob,
    You can email me at


  3. hi andrew
    nice to read comments.
    i m expected to visit vienna with family.
    may u plz tell me the cost of living including flats and grocerry etc.


    1. Dear Zee,
      Check out an earlier post I wrote:

      It lists apartment rent, etc.

  4. Any chance of getting you to comment on the general atmosphere of Austrian schools? And what you think of their education in general? I'm considering a VBS gymnasium or the AKG for my daughter.