Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Eats in Vienna--- check back frequently for updates

As my wife, Rachel, is a vegetarian, it can at times be challenging to find good Veggie-friendly options in this meat eater's paradise.

So, for your knowledge and mine, I am dedicating this post to good places to find Veggie options.  Please note, many restaurants listed here do not cater exclusively to the Vegetarische lifestyle but do have Vegetarian options.

1.  Der Wiener Deewan- Pakistani Food.  This is definitely not a romantic setting for an important occasion.  Instead, it's buffet style all you can eat with an interesting catch, you pay what you want- for the food.  There are usually six buffet options, half vegetarian.  The fare is similar to Indian with lentil based dishes, potatos and vegetables eaten over rice and with a special bread.  You can also order drinks here (Beer, wine, etc.) off the menu which lists drinks' prices.  Situated near the Vienna University, this place gets a lot of patronage from students and it can be difficult to find a booth.

2. Bankok Vienna- Thai food.  Here is a restaurant with beautiful decor complementing good Thai cuisine.  We've eaten here twice without a reservation around 6 pm (18:00) and had no problems getting a table.  However, we've noticed it starts to get busy as we're leaving so reservations are recommended.  Typical Thai fare with good Pad Thai and a delicious Red Curry with Vegetables under the Vegetarian offerings.  For four people with drinks, expect to pay around 60 Euros--- pretty reasonable from our experiences.  This would be an appropriate venue for a special evening out!

3. For good Wurst, go to the Wurstelstand located at the Ottakring U-bahn station.  Walk outside, toward the Spar Supermarket and Hervis Sports store, the Wurstelstand will be right in front.  Order the "Hot Dog mit Bratwurst"  with (mit) Ketchup und Senf (Mustard) OR  without (ohne)

4.  Koi-   Went to this cool bar called "1516" last night and then stopped at this Asian fusion restaurant named "Koi": Schwarzenbergstrasse 8, 1010 Wien.  Rachel started with a delicious Gemüsesuppe (Mixed Vegetable soup) and had Mixed Veggies with Tofu for her main course.  She had to order the rice separately :( 
I started with a Kimchi Salad appetizer, which was good but not as fermented or garlicy as the traditional Kimchi from NYC's best Korean places.  Afterwards, I had the Nasi Goreng, a great dish, curried rice with egg (think egg fried rice with lots of delicious curry flavor).  Across this mountain of rice were laid two chicken satays (mini chicken kebabs) with traditional Thai peanut dipping sauce. 
All told, 2 apps + 2 main dishes, a beer for me and wine for R came to 30.80 Euros before tip.  A satisfying meal at a reasonable price. 

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