Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good Eats in Vienna

Been living in Vienna for over a year and a half so thought it appropriate to share some of the culinary gems we've found or been introduced to.

1.  Vietnamese- Saigon Restaurant

2.  Thai- Bangkok Vienna

3.  Italian- Il Mare
no website
Pizzeria Il Mare
Zieglergasse 15, 1070 Wien, Österreich

*Authentic because shortly after we arrived for lunch, a couple of Italians were seated and had a lively discussion with the waiters in Italian.  
I started with a delicious, hearty minestrone soup.  For a main course I had one of the best lasagnes of my life. 

4.  Traditional Austrian/Viennese - Gmoa Keller

5.  Austrian/ Carinthian - Gelbmanns Gaststube

6. Sushi-Bar Mono

I'll keep updating the list with delicious yumminess as we find it.
Also, here's another blog about food in Vienna, called sushi and strudel: 
The tagline is: "There's more to Vienna than schnitzel"