Sunday, April 1, 2012

We got bikes!

Here's us on our new bikes.  Actually, they're not new, they're used.  Our friend and master planner, Erich, led us to this town just north of Vienna called Korneuburg.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, probably 60+ degrees Fahrenheit.  We went there for a bike flea market.  Before going, we were assured of finding bikes for 50 Euros each or less as compared to store retail prices of several hundreds of Euros or more.

We arrived perhaps a half hour before the doors were opened.  It was a long, bunker looking building.  I think it used to be part of this industrial complex but now it could have passed for the setting of a town hall council meeting.  A large crowd of potential buyers had already gathered and we joined this mass.

At the appointed hour, the doors were opened and it was a mad rush inside.  No elbows were thrown, nor did we have the opportunity to hip check the mothers with children in tow.  However, once inside, it was a mad free-for-all as everyone quickly sought out their ideal bike.  Immediately I saw this yellow-blue mountain bike.  All the bikes had plastic bags hanging off of them with the price inside.  There was no negotiation.  The price on this bike was 35 Euros, about $50.

Once Rachel caught up with me, I asked her to stand by this bike, effectively reserving it for us while I sought out another.  Unfortunately, by then, the hall had already filled with buyers and most were standing next to a bike they intended to buy.  Luckily, our friend Erich had already found a suitable second bike, ticket price = 20 Euros.

In the end, we walked our bikes to the entrance of the hall where tables passed for a make-shift cash register.  After paying, cash only, we went out to take our bikes for a test spin around the grounds.

Then, we biked back to Vienna along the Danube river.  A scenic, relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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